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Jun 20, 2018


Graphic design has become an essential part of our everyday lives. From billboards in the streets, to ads in the newspapers, and photos in your textbook, graphic design helps shape the world around us, and give it that extra splash of color. If you, too, are pursuing a career in design, talent and motivation will go a long way, but you will still need the help of some of the many high-tech gadgets available to make your designs truly shine. As such, here is a list of 5 devices, apps, and tools which will you make your design come to life.

1. Microsoft Surface Studio

For the longest time, the Apple Macbook was the go to among graphic designers, but these days there’s a new competitor in town. The new Surface Studio launched by Microsoft is an answer to all the drawbacks that came along with the old Macbook. Unlike its contemporary, it can be used in the regular PC mode or can be converted into a tablet and its touch screen used for quick and easy designing.

2. A High-End Smartphone

Equipped with a smartphone, a graphic designer can work anytime, anywhere without worrying about how he could transfer his work to his computer or tablet. These phones can help the designer create designs using various apps and then transfer these to their computers or laptops. What’s more these can even be shared with clients via emails or the chatting software that are much in vogue these days. Not to mention all the design apps that can used on the phone.

3. Assembly

Speaking of apps, here is one which will become indispensable to any and all designer who struggles with vector designs. Vector designs have become extremely popular these days and most clients pressurize designers to use these in their works. According to an expert a lot of novice designers are clueless as to how to create a logo using vector design. With an iPhone in tow, the Assembly app can help in creating the best vector designs. The app comprises of an impressive gallery that offers more than 180 basic shapes. The designer can choose a shape and then customize it with his or her expertise to create a unique and impeccable design.

4. Kuler

With the logo design trends changing with every passing day, graphic designers are hard pressed to come up with unique and witty designs that are adorned with novel shades and colors. Kuler, a tool developed by Adobe is a savior of sorts which helps the designers to select a number of complementary and analogous shades and find out their HEX codes and RGB codes that will help them to create an interesting design with new shades.

5. Pantone Matching System

And finally, one which all designers would come to appreciate – a color matching system. What you see is not exactly what you get when it comes to the graphic designing world. Ask any graphic designer and he will vouch by it. Most often than not, the colors appear different on screen but take a totally different tone when printed. This is one of the main reasons why most graphic designers invest in a Pantone Matching System or Library. It is a collection of swatches that gives the designer an idea of how a color would look when it is printed on a hard copy. This surely comes in handy not only when creating the design but while presenting it to the clients or while sending it to the printer.

While some of the items on the list are pricier than others, it pays to invest in good design tools, as they will return manifold once your clients see their design dreams come true.


Source: designhill.com