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IT Center

IT Center

IT Center exists as part of the administrative infrastructure International BURCH University. The main activity of this subdivision is building a network of communication based on latest computer technology and complete customer support.

The primary goal of IT Center is a constant improvement of the system units, monitoring and implementation of modern information technology with the idea of quality and automated customer support. Specifically, wish of IT Center is establishing solid bond with a user and making modern technology part of its natural environment.

The IT Center is contained in more specialized teams for specific subgruops of information technology.

  • Software development team, working on the fabrication and development of new software solutions;
  • Web-design team, responsible for the visual appearance and web presence of IBU;
  • System development team, assigned for entire communication infrastructure, ranging from planning and analysis of quality equipment to end users of the system;
  • Helpdesk team, responsible for direct communication and IT support to end users,usually this is the bearer of  IT Center outside image ;
  • IT Centre Manager, the person who is responsible for coordination and synchronization of all the teams into one efficient unit. He is responsible for all of the above exists in practice.