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Important dates to complete formal process of internship are given below. Students are responsible from completing all documents and delivering them to the department head.

Process of the internship:

1. Contacting the firm where the internship will be completed (Students are expected to find the firm).

2. Submission of the official letter from the company that shows the acceptance of internship request. Due date: 10 May.

3. Approval of the firm by the department internship committee. Due date: 15 May.

4. Completion of internship between June through September (30 working days).

5.Submission of student internship report to the department with an official petition. Due date: September 15.

6.Evaluation of the internship by the committee and announcement of results. Due date: October 15.

7.Student presentations about internship experience. Dates will be announced after the committee evaluations.

Below are the links to required documents for intership:

Daily Report booklet

Evaluation Survey For students

Internship Evaluation Form

Internship Record

Student – Company Agreement Form