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Burch University Library was established in 2009 / 2010 academic year. Despite the university’s short existence, its book collection has reached the 4000 titles, a great indicator of the seriousness of our work in the field of education.

The library offers opportunities to all IBU staff and students to have access to literature in the fields of economics, information technologies, English language and literature, chemistry, mathematics, biology and a large number of scientific journals. E-books and other digital resources are available in the formats of CD / DVD, audio records and internet access.

Our library cooperates with the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which offers our students to use resources from their extensive resources, reading rooms, a multimedia room and a database of all scientific fields.

1. Based on the agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina National Library and University Libraries following services will be offered:

» Library services
» Making use of reading multimedia rooms/halls
» Free access to all scholar databases all fields, especially on Economics and Business Administration, Literature, Engineering and Information Technologies.
» Using World Bank and NATO Libraries,
» Interlibrary loan services
» Using science information center
» Other related services not mentioned above.

2. Cooperation Agreement between University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy Library and International Burch University (IBU)

According to the article 1 of this agreement,Faculty of Philosophy undertakes offering all library services and library funds and making use of reading hall of the faculty library for the students of International Burch University,to be able provide qualitated education to its students.

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