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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The four-year undergraduate program in Graphic Design and Multimedia at International Burch University is based on the Bologna 4+1 system and awards 240 credits in total. The credits are obtained through various courses completely transferable within the European Education area and compatible with the equivalent programs of Graphic Design and Multimedia around the world.
This program focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of graphic design and multimedia, as well as technical skills that will help them launch promising brilliant careers in this field. It aims to train responsible, independent, and professional students to successfully merge theoretical and practical learning, to develop a positive work ethic, to strengthen their ability to increase communication through use of computer technology, and to broaden their professional skills. The program of study includes visual, technical, and practical as well as theoretical content.


Our Vision

Graphic Design and Multimedia aims to provide students with the opportunity to become experts in the field of graphic design and multimedia and to work closely with the leaders in the business sector, arts, and media. It also seeks to enable and encourage students to become active participants in conferences, competitions, festivals, workshops and seminars and thus gain exceedingly valuable experience through collaboration with colleagues and students from the region and other countries of Europe and the world.
In the contemporary world, a graphic designer is a highly sought-after profession providing an indispensable business team member. Graphic Design, known also as Communication Design, is the art of planning and projecting ideas and experiences visually. Designers have long been the architects of printed material, arranging the forms, type, and images printed onto posters, advertisements, and packaging. They have also been responsible for the information visualizations and graphics in newspapers and magazines. Traditionally, graphic designers lean toward print media and agency work for ads, packaging, and information design. But when graphic design is combined with multimedia, which includes animation and motion graphics for web design, PowerPoint, and Flash presentations, a perfect blend is created. This merger of these two formerly distinct fields of expertise into a single unique blend is what makes Graphic Design and Multimedia at International Burch University so special.